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Monday, 13. June 2005

mostojvo-koma - how to eat the east

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Okay, let's just review what we've got.

A table, food, drinks, copies of texts, visuals of our photocollection...
in fact we don't have this stuff at all. We'll have to pay aswell. J, how much money do we have? I'd say first let us pay the gasoline.
(and burn this place for once)
Will the vodka be for free or will be force people to pay?
Who feels free to organize all that stuff? (Me?)

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ill have the 200, if you make the calculation youll get half of it.
but i dont want to hear "copies of text" again you know my brother is bigger than yours (i dought that, look at me..) and can be here in 200 hours... this arent copies of text but life, communication, philosophy, art and existence, this is the Epizentrum and if i work to long on it i get tsunami...

we dont need no money to show data via beamer.

i want to eat meat, no matter what (this is part of female cyclus)

Marina just answered the white wall, the p..poisoned one, the one when u enter just right is free and a perfect place. does this place help us?

who is doing dramaturgy and correcting our POST-documentary-pictures, wich i guess are 2. Epizentrum...you also? ...all kinds of pictures, handy, ancient+new cameras, magazines...today i were at romanian touristoffice, jesus...i give you the material?

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i don't know what it's for. i guess it'll be easier to communicate and coordinate things this way.
i also somehow like the glasnostaspect. we'll see...

i didn't mean to put any kind of value on the term text.

let's see for the earthquake.

so you don't want chilli?

there two problems with the space around the wall.
first, there's quite a glaring light. i quess that would harm the idea of the "meal".
also we would not have the spatial move performed.
what you think? we could somehow divide the presentation (i don't know if the wall's needed for the reading) or maybe look for some other (even more unused) place in the depot.

i'd really appreciate if someone else would do the pictureloop.

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i guess i will start to like this place. and i like that you created it and finally use it. ill be there aswell. i deleted die Servietten. t4 was a transit-desert for me until today maybe.

dont put pressure on me with the tsunami... i dont know how this is developing, just try a bit on the question like how to represent idea exchanging / communication...and that sounds already too complicated for me, but i feel like trying you know, the meaning of the bloody POST- and RE- can not hide forever. like they make me stay in this bloody town. and all you ofcourse

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i got the requested pictures from eduard and he is writing a text about artscene cluj AND our exhibition.

the arthistorian send answer: it is dissident to be romantic and to belive in god. this is post-dissidency!

id do the text OR the pictures...
is there someone out there in the transit-desert...

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ill do the pictures

and can only do instead of text. so thats it.

we can have some pages of akademie-magazine ABB, the next issue is on easteurope, the magazin-people will come to our presi

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Michi does the cevapcici...

do we have money for the food?
I think guests should not pay for vodka...
as I understood we use the place in front of the white wall, or behind it? your communication is not always understandable...
and ivan: hallo to you too.
jenny, if you want I can help you with the pictures on friday...
apropos: lets meet again- fr or sa
good night, sleep well!

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Der Freispruch für Michael Jackson hat weltweit gespaltene Reaktionen ausgelöst. Der 46-Jährige zeigte sich "äußerst erleichtert und dankbar" über die Entscheidung der Jury, die ihn gestern im kalifornischen Santa Maria in allen zehn Anklagepunkten freigesprochen hatte. Die Mehrheit der Amerikaner glaubt aber weiter an seine Schuld.

good morning

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michael jaxon ist innocent!!!

michael jaxon is an innocent manwoman, if to lock someone to the single rooms jail, then these are his parents and managers. but most of all the mummy and daddy... please check ur mails dear friends, i sent it on the regular way to u...

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is it possible to meet saturday in the evening? or friday?

i cant find the text!!! where is it?

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when can we meet on saturday?

semperdepot closes at 7pm saturday. when do you finish work, we could meet in town as soon as you leave the factory, if its not too late. friday i can not. please... a suggestion here as soon as possible

what text are you looking for? if you mean OUR_TALK_CLUJ, its attached the email, just beneth the header, clic on it and then open. chose the .doc the .pdf is unfortunately a wrong one.

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it could be exiting to speak about the work of another. its like to make an interpretation also. and we had good reason! we dont know about eachothers works! also then we dont get stiff, if that word exists. and we would HAVE communication and not speak about it, a brilliant way i guess.

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by the way...i am lost in the pictures...give me a something with more then 20 similar pieces, after some hours i am ready for steinhof, this are 200 pieces. i have 250 foulders wich i dont know anymore...if its still is like that tomorrow evening i will shout for help right here, good night

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lets meet saturday at 17.30 @ semper

hey kids, lets meet for the last talk and we should split the responsibilities then. david already announced he cant, but we can phone. i think i also will send mails with this information
and postwoman, did u send ur comment after my proposals or after? with this interpretation thing... i dont think its a good idea cause for this ew should maybe start another project called one work has a lot of interpretations. i think that the presentation of our project contains much more seriosity by presenting the original ideas by the autor... steinar also thinks this way, a lot of greetings by reggae music

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i like the idea of interpreting each other's works, but maybe we can do this for the book? i won't be in semper this saturday as my football team will have it's (probably) last season game and they need me and my balls.

btw, i'll check today for the beamer.

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this foto is amazing ( even though u look on it like a bimbo)

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bimbo binder was an excellent player. he shot the 3rd most goals ever in this world.
and he was an austrian.
so let's be patriot.

but i'm sick now and will probably die inside of my bed.

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but i command you not to die

and inside of a bed not at all

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we've got a table? i would like to have a long one, just like jesus christ.

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(first picture of me 30 (yesterday))
early morning at the most trist würstlstand in town, michaela taught me how to drink vodka at a würstlstand, she was so cool. i never knew how to throw the empty bottle in the garbage with that certain attitude wich says: ready for next aldough i know it will kill me and you know it too. now i can. i spend day only with my best friend, naked in the bundesbad where people create their livingroom on the meadow, it endet in "institut for trans-acoustic research" (www.iftaf.org) wich i highly want to recommend here. there i remembered something, this -post is maybe also like straight and narrow, i changed my mind, its one but not the only cool way.

i have not enough time now to find out how to upload the picture, drugs are not good for me, i am recovering to slow and till the end of my days working on our pictures from bloody cluj

c u soon

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back to the main case of this forum

if not jaxon himself is guilty and there is any guilt, then are guilty: the parents of his parents and managers and their parents and their parents and their parents and their ||::

i suggest to get the whole tribe out of grave and put in single rooms hotel.

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i would suggest to put every living human in his own little box.

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cevapcicis are ready!!! how is the text? kisses

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post tha presentation

for me the best result of the presentation was that there was real-live in the classbox..i danced with drunk conni until i could not stand upright anymore, she more danced with me i guess.. this is what i most remember and i did fulfill a dream i had for a while now: i stood on a chair while talking to the tall henning.
i want to go dancing some more!

text, the reading and pictureloop worked well i think, i am glad because that really was not sure. thank you for giving me something to eat.
i find sad that we could not all present our works. ivan prepared a text f.ex. we did not hear and d+k. pictures of ivan and jenni work were invisible on tha beamer...

next time responsibilities are definitely better to share, i also have to learn this... i have the energy for the book or something but i can not get myself to do anything under this condicions. i go swimming:-)

and i have a question, if you really like to take us to the slovakian village ivan, when would it be? some of us go to belgrade 20-31 august...

i want to be a deputy.

ahoi yours, pw

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about the book.
i'd like to help you.

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yes I have the money.
I have also spoken with Gerhard about money back for the party, Michaela you just need to give him any receipts you have and he will give you the money.

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so for purposes of division

I spent 1331310 romanian leu which is EUR 36.80 goto


for EUR - ROL conversion. And then let me know how much you spent. kevin

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i spend
45,- for fuel vienna-cluj
50,- vienna-leipzig-vienna for to get the car.
15,- about for communication with romania because eduard asked me always to call him back (he is romanian)
since the frontglas is badly broken on the trip i guess i have to spend about 2-300 for a new.

its alright to get for the fuel back like everyone.

can someone help me how to handle this carglas...any experiences with ensurence or something...i can not pay it but have to give the car back..

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hello everybody!
sorry, I was lost in the docuvideo for the "sich nackt ins bild stellen" exhibition... by the way there is a party and the docu will be shown and some new performances on 28.6. -tuesday at 7 in anatomiesaal/ schillerplatz! thats also the reason why i can't go to bratislava--- although I really would like to.
I don't have the receipt with me now but I think I spent around 16€ for benzin on our wonderful trip to Pecs...
kiss you all and lets go dancing soon!

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lets go dancing in pecs, i dont drive...back

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GELD und feiern

we worked the carglass out, i dont have to pay.

left: 95,- for fuel. i dont know what the others paid, if i see things right theres enough to give 50,- to everyone who paid fuel and ill be alright with that.

from the vodka i have 16,75

can we do it on sunday, there conni is giving a party but she probably forgot already...

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