m1 (turm4)
Tuesday, 1. November 2005


4. November, 2005, Friday
At 17.00 at M1
Dorian Bonelli will give a talk on the

temporary installation<: 4 performances by C. Bonelli & D. Bonelli

7.November to 11.November 2005
at M1
SEMINAR Prof. Harun Farocki

11. November, 2005, Friday
David Kellner at M1/the Box
Opening of the exhibition/ no.3

14. November, 2005, Monday
At 16.00 at M1


"New Media Project Class" from Hochschule für Bildende Künste Dresden
/ Dresden Academy of Fine Arts

At the end of 1999 the "New Media Project Class" was initiated at the Dresden Academy of Fine Arts and opened in May 2000, under the direction of painter, photographer and filmmaker Prof. Lutz Dammbeck. For the first time ever at this art school, regarded as a classic "art academy" with a deep tradition in painting (including expressionism, Dix and Kokoschka), courses in the subjects of photography, film and video took place. Using a "learning by doing" process, a specific structure for the specialist overlapping work is being developed that also covers cooperative activities with film funding bodies, media companies and sponsors. The "Media Salon" has established itself as an important extension to the artistic work where artistically and theoretically interesting positions from the areas of "film, video, photography and media art" are presented and discussed. The program being presented in Vienna provides a small insight into the work to date.


Introduction by Prof. Lutz Dammbeck and Nadja Schütt

SCREENING: Lutz Dammbeck: sequences of the documentary "Master Game" 1998

ABOUT THE WORK: In 1994, 27 paintings by the Austrian painter Arnulf Rainer were painted over in black at the Wiener Kunstakademie by an unidentified person. Rainer had achieved notoriety for painting over both his own paintings and those of others. The assailant has painted a paraphrased quote from Hitler’s “Mein Kampf” over one of Rainer’s paintings. Was this Hitler’s late revenge for having been twice rejected by the Wiener Akademie?

One year after the attack, a letter of confession attempting to justify the act turns up in Vienna. An “anti – modern” manifesto filled with quotes, allusions appeared accusing the painter of being part of a “destructive Modernism.” At the same time, Austria is badly shaken by a series of bomb attacks. People are injured and there are fatalities. A “Bavarian Freedom Army,“ “BBA” for short, who sees Austria’s “German identity” threatened, confesses to the attacks. Is there a connection between the attack in the Wiener Akademie and the BBA bombing, as Rainer and some of the media supposed? Is the “the over painter” and “the bombing artist” one and the same person? Is it an individual culprit or a group? Did Arnulf Rainer paint over his own paintings, as some in the media speculate? Does the BBA exist or is it merely the fabrication of a lunatic? Or of the secret service? Are the “actions“ just fakes, ideological theatre of distraction? But if so, who is doing it, and why? Or is it all just a hallucination, a convoluted dream produced by Vienna itself, the place where Freud discovered psychoanalysis at the beginning of the century? What after all are reality simulation and invention?

SCREENING: The „New Media Art Class Filmrolle“ a collection of videos, films and animations with five different positions from the last years
DVD-PAL, ca. 30 min

List of films: (in order)

David Buob – former master student
"Jay Jay", 5:18 min, 2003
Part 3/5 from the series, " I cannot only spend my life
Loving you", 4:30 min. Part of exam 2003

Martina Wolf – former master sudent- 2003
"Schneefeger", 3:30 min
"Fensterbilder", 2:00min

norton.commander.productions: former assistence by Harriet Meining
"Ein guter Mord", 2 min, 1999

Stefanie Busch – former student-production at 4th study year
"holy garden",4:30 min

Gabriele Nagel – former master student
"looking for trouble", 4:20 min
"Milkyway comeshot", 3:15 min

New projects from the last year

Falk Töpfer and Paul Barsch (students 3rd year) „Attack of the Monster-Lizard“
Animation 2005, 90 sec.

Falk Töpfer will talk about the Making-Of, ca. 10 min

Antka Hofmann, documentation and talk of some mixed-media work

               - former master student, 2004/05, ca. 10min           

Nadja Schütt- master student:
Trailer and talk about the last projects, ca. 10min

Anna Kasten- guest student: „Gürteltier“, music video 5:20 min

Ulrike Nikutowski- 4th year student: Animation, 1:00 min

David Buob „welcome to the weak world“, Animation 2005, 10 min

14. November, 2005, Monday
At 20.00 at M1


121min, c 2003, videofilm screening

Lutz Dammbeck's The Net is the first in-depth exploration of the Unabomber back-story. Slow and assured, but utterly stunning in its revelations, this philosopher's stone of a movie retraces the responses of the Counterculture to cybernetics. For those who resist these intrusive systems of technological control, the Unabomber has perhaps come to symbolize an ultimate figure of Refusal. For those that embrace it, as did and do the early champions of media art like Marshall McLuhan, Nam Jun Paik, and Stewart Brand, the promises of worldwide networking and instantaneous communication outweighed the perils. Told as a travel journal, Dammbeck's conceptual quest circles through themes of utopianism, anarchism, terrorism, CIA, MK-ULTRA, ARPA, LSD, Tim Leary, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters, and of course, the history of the Internet.
Interview partners are John Brockman, David Gelernter, Heinz von Foerster a.o.

Aufnahmeformat DigiBeta, Blow up 35mm, 121min, c 2003
Buch und Regie LUTZ DAMMBECK

15. November, 2005, Tuesday
At 13.00 at M1
Patryk Dawid Chastlawa

At 16.00 at M1
PRESENTATION OF WORKS students of the class

David Kellner
Martina Lunzer Brem
Ivan Jurica: performance and presentation of the project
Ana Hoffner
Kevin Dooley

At 21.00 at M1

16. November, 2005, Wednesday

At 13.00 until 15.00 at M1
New students from the class/presentations

Tilman Otto Wagner
Josef Steinkogler
Lisa Lnenicka

16.30 Meeting at Generali Foundation exhibition space
Ivan Jurica project, visiting the exhibition "how the politics and society comes/appear on the image" by the class and discussion

16. November, 2005, Wednesday
At 20.00 at M1

Alexander Brener, Barbara Schurz
(Revelations about Contemporary Art and Culture)

The lecture contains some discursive, performative and
sound elements and aims at the irreversible
elimination of dominant (Western) culture. The lecture
is at the same time a rite and a provocation for a

A. Brener and B. Schurz are visionaries, iconoclasts
and vagabonds in constant troubles. They try to evade
documentation and archivization. They do not believe
in art history and His-story in general. Consequently
they do not accept the idea of curriculum vitae etc.

21. November 2005, Monday

Ronja Vogl
Patryk Dawid Chlastawa
Hannes Böck

22.November, 2005, Tuesday
At 13.00 until 15.00 at M1
New students from the class/presentations

Carolina Agredo
Ruth Weismann
Franz Haider
Barbara Wilding

At 16.00 until 18.30 at M1
PRESENTATION OF WORKS students of the class
Tina Wimmer
Katharina Morawek and Moira Hille
Julia Zborowska

22.November, 2005, Tuesday
At 20.00 at M1
by Ascan Breuer, Ursula Hansbauer, Wolfgang Konrad
After the screening, discussion with the artists


Forst is a portrayal. The documentary tells about a forest in the middle of
Europe far from the urban world and from civilisation which is home to a
peculiar community of the banished - it is a world for the stranded. A
diffuse system that still has total control makes sure that this world
doesn´t show itself, that it doesn´t pop up in our reality and become a
disturbance. In Forst the banished proclaim their own truth and tell the
story of their empowerment. They slowly recall their identity as political
refugees and start to make plans for their escape... The film shot on
16mm-B/W was made in cooperation with the refugees, who mostly play
themselves. By way of fragmented interviews they tell the story of their
powerlessness and their empowerment...
more infos: www.forstfilm.com

Forst ist ein Portrait. Der Dokumentarfilm erzählt von einem Wald, der
inmitten Europas jenseits von Urbanität und Zivilisation eine eigenartige
Gemeinschaft von Verbannten beherbergt - eine gestrandete Welt. Eine
diffuse aber doch totale Kontrolle sorgt sich darum, dass sie nicht
hervordrängt, dass sie nicht in unserer Wirklichkeit auftaucht und dort ihr
Unwesen treibt. In Forst verkünden die Verbannten ihre eigene Wahrheit und
erzählen die Geschichte ihrer Emanzipation. Denn langsam entsinnen sie sich
ihrer Identität als politische Flüchtlinge und beginnen Befreiungspläne zu
schmieden... Der auf 16mm-S/W-Material gedrehte Film ist in Zusammenarbeit
mit den Flüchtlingen entstanden, die sich großteils selbst spielen. Mittels
montierter Interviewpassagen erzählen sie die Geschichte ihrer Ohnmacht und
ihrer Ermächtigung...
weiter infos: www.forstfilm.com

at M1

Guest prof. FAHIM AMIR : No border, no nation? Biopolitik/Rassismus/Migration und Kapitalismus

Einheit 1 Postmoderner Kapitalismus und die Autonomie der Migration?

  1. November at 16.00: Der italienische Herbst, Fordismus/Postfordismus
  2. November at 16.00: Negris Empire und MigrantInnen als „neue Helden der Dritten Welt"

Einheit 2 Der permanente Ausnahmezustand und die Kulturgeschichte des „Lagers"

  1. November at 16.00: Kritische Theorie, Gewalt & Moderne
  2. Dezember at 16.00: Giorgio Agamben und das „heilige Leben"

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