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Sunday, 19. March 2006

PROGRAM 27-28 MARCH 2006

Monday, 27. 03. 2006
At M1/At 18.00


McKenzie Wark: A Hacker Manifesto

McKenzie Wark (Australia) is associate professor of media and cultural
studies in New York. He is the author of many books, most recently of A
Hacker Manifesto (Harvard University Press, 2004), published in German
language by C H Beck and in Croat by Mama-Multimedija institut, mi2.hr,
Zagreb 2006.

McKenzie Wark's A Hacker Manifesto book focuses on the property
question, which is to say, on issues of economic production, of ownership
of the means of production and the results of the production process,
and therefore of exploitation and expropriation. Wark calls the information
producers "hackers," and refers to the owners/expropriators of information
as "the vectorialist class" (since "information" travels along "vectors" as
it is reproduced and transmitted from place to place).

Tuesday, 28.03.2006

At 11.00

Permanent breakfast started ten years ago. It developed from a small
surrealistic intervention towards a tool for "reclaiming the street" in many
parts of the world. Today we use the label "permanent breakfast" to discuss
issues like border opening or civil rights. Permanent breakfast is an
open-source project. It is used by independent groups, citizens'
initiatives, religious communities, university seminars, tourism
associations, families and freaks. www.permanentbreakfast.org

Presentation by Friedemann Derschmidt, Abbe Libansky, Karin Schneider,
Barbara Zeidler.....

Breakfast will be served as part of the presentation.

Tuesday, 28.03.2006

At 12.00
Presentation: Interventions and interactions; annexation of the social and
the political in art practice

Tal Adler, born in Jerusalem, Israel, studied in the Jerusalem school of
photography, the Sam Spiegel school of Film and Television and in the Post
Graduate program, the Art department, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design. Tal
initiates projects for social and political transformation and interaction.
In the recent years Tal has been working with the community of the Bedouins
from the Unrecognized villages in the Negev. www.itemz.org

Tuesday, 28.03.2006

AT 16.00 until 18.00
MUMOK/Museum of Modern art, Vienna/Museum Quartier

(works by Abramovic, Export, Gotovac, Grzinic/Smid, IRWIN, Ivekovic, Koller,
Malevich, Martek, Martinis, Stilinovic, Todosijevic, Weibel, Zobernig...at
the MUMOK exhibition space!)

We meet at the MUMOK entrance hall, AT 15.45/SHARPLY; as a class we have
FREE ENTRANCE! we pay the guiding through the exhibition 1.00 Euro each of
us! The rest will be paid from the budget from the class!

Tuesday, 28.03.2006


Claudia Bosse: theatrale raumstrategien: totalität und autorisierung

um bestimmte sehgewohnheiten und rezeptionsgewissheiten zu unterbrechen,
bedarf es immer totalitärer akte, die die produktion von bedeutung
freigeben. nur ein willkürliches durchbrechen der alltagsgewohnten
wahrnehmung kann einen vorgang der autorisierung des rezipienten
ermöglichen. die herrschenden ästhetischen und politischen und
kommunikativen strategien in frage stellen über einen theatralen entwurf, in
der materialisierung eines anderen: einer anderen sprache, anderer körper in
anderen situationen, durch andere räume mit anderen regeln der benutzung.

Claudia Bosse, studierte regie in berlin. theatrale installationen,
choreografien und diskurproduktionen. gründete 1996 theatercombinat in
berlin, seit 1999 theatercombinat wien projekte 2004/2005: „belagerung
bartleby“HAU1 berlin,“„firma raumforschung“, “ou est donc le tableau“
„palais donaustadt“ in wien , zur zeit in vorbereitung zu 2-jahresprojekt
„tragödienproduzenten 1“ in wien und genf. material unter:
www.hau-berlin.de/bartleby/ und

Lecture in German; Debate English and German


3.4.2006 MONDAY at 16.00
Lecture by Jeff Derksen (Vancouver, Canada)

Gentrification, urbanization, globalization (working title)

Class trip to Terezin Stadt, Ustje nad Labem and Dresden

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