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Thursday, 22. June 2006

PROGRAM JUNE 28-30.06.2006

28.06.2006 Wednesday at 17.00
Discussion class: works, relating…..

29.06.2006 Thursday at 14.00
Presentation installation FRANZ HAIDER
2 Holzplatten, 1 Motor, 1 Fernseher, 1 Kamera…..

29.06.2006 Thursday at 14.3

Ad hoc discussion-group: Josef, Kati, Kevin, Lilo, Michael, Stefan, Tomas

Talk by: Kati, Kevin (and others)


Coming from the observation of culturalization of the political and of the so-called public, we engaged in an interpretation and critical analysis of certain public and private agencies (e.g. art practices) which emerge in the urban space. We engaged in the analysis of processes involved in the language (spoken, written and visual) used by such agencies.

The starting point for our analysis is the invitation to participate in a ‘public art’ project in Vienna, subsequently leading us to question the use of terms such as ‘public’ within the logic and aims of city development organisations, and so-called public institutions. One of the reference points for our analysis is the Grätzelentwicklungskonzept (GEK, a neighbourhood or local area development concept) published by the so-called “Grätzelmanagement” with the purpose of providing a development concept on the level of local governance.

Our analysis reflects certain key issues linked to urban space: de-politicization of art, participatory policies, homogenization through cultural particularization, “imprägnierung” of cultural identities, ethnicizing, desire to make the “invisible” visible, closure of space, and other power structures in urban planning and official art policies. We focus on a critical reading of these processes and ideologies. Simultaneously we are trying to develop our own language and definitions in a process of understanding, analysis and critical response.


30.06.2006 at 10.00

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