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Sunday, 11. February 2007

How to add a story...

First you will have to log in. If you don't have an account yet simply register. You will asked for your e-mail address. Type in whatever you want. You will only need it if you lose your profile's password.

After login some new options like add a story, stories, files, polls etc will appear in the menu.

Add a story:

Title: title of your story

Lead: text will be shown on the frontpage, just write a short summary of your story's content

Text: write your full story into this window, text will be then shown if a user clicks "to view more" on the frontpage.

Options: You will asked to chose a topic for your story. This defines the rubric under which your story will be found. We allready have some predefined categories like Nomanden, Exhibitions, Program etc. You can also decide to make a new one.

Images and files: If you want to include some pictures in your story simply upload them in the 'images' section. Please note that one file can't be larger than 1024kB if you upload it on antville.org. Don't try if you like your computer.
After uploading an image you will be redirected to the gallery section. All uploaded images are listed here with some information and thumbnails.
To use an image for your story you will need the image's macro code.

Example: copy this code to add your picture/file to a story.

Just copy it and paste it into your stories text.

You can do the same thing with all other kind of files in the files section.

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