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Thursday, 19. February 2004

About this page

Well, I think we can start now using this blog.

There are still some bugs that I can't handle (for instance the contentlink "About t4.antville.org") and I would like to add a section just for classmembers.

As you can see the page's content is divided in so-called topics. Everytime you post an article you can add it to a specific topic (About us, January 2004, March 2004 etc...) or create a new one if none of the already existing topics fits your posting. But, please, use this option sparingly to keep this blog/webpage laid out clearly.

Everyone can be admin, so let's have a fling and post. You can also change the layout of this page. I think antville is not too complicated and using this blog will work by "learning by doing".

Have fun,

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I agree with the idea to have just a section of classmembers, a kind of reminder, or a very urgent exchange of notes and also a kinda of boad bulletin from time to time, Marina

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I just dunno if it is even possible to add such a section in antville. Maybe we could ask in help.antville.org
We'll find a way anyway. It's good to see that there are already a few people with their own accounts.

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