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Wednesday, 5. May 2004

Lectures in May 2004, part of the project by two classes at Akbild

Conceptual (Art) Practices @ t4 Performative Kunst und Bildhauerei

Prof. dr. Marina Grzinic Prof. Monica Bonvicini

Lectures in May 2004, part of the project by two classes at Akbild

Medialization/space/labour/: the intervention of new technology and media within art, performance, space and (im) material labor


21, May 2004 FRIDAY

14.00 -16.00 at turm 4

LECTURE/PRESENTATION: Prof. Dr. Sabeth Buchmann
Title: Arbeits- und Rechenmaschinen.
Zum Begriff der "Arbeit" im historischen Konzeptualismus

CV: Kunsthistorikerin und kunstkritikerin; dissertation über die
bedeutung neuer technologien für die neubewertung des produktionsbegriffs
in konzeptueller kunst (erscheint demnächst). Seit 1997 lehraufträge, assistenzen und gastprofessuren an verschiedenen akademien und universitäten; ab märz 2004 professorin für kunstgeschichte an der akademie der künste.

Presentation in German. Discussion in English.

26, May 2004 WEDNESDAY

14- 16.00 at turm 4

LECTURE/PRESENTATION: Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber

Title: What is made visible/Was wird sichtbar gemacht.

CV:Since 1993, Vienna and Vancouver based artists Sabine Bitter and Helmut Weber have collaborated on projects addressing urban geographies, architectural representations and related visual politics.

Projects like "Caracas, Hecho En Venezuela", "Live like this!" and "CITYtransformer", engage with moments and sites of globalization, as they are materialized in architecture. Their works are mediated through photography, video and new media technologies, selected projects and exhibitions include: "transformatiove urbanism", Galeria Noua, Bucarest, Romania; "Multitude", Artists Space, New York; "CityTransformers", Gdansk, Poland; "Surround" Charles H.Scott Gallery, Vancouver, Canada; "ArchiLab" Orleans, France; "Cityalias", DePaviljoens, Almere, Netherlands and the 2.Biennale Johannesburg. For further information visit their website: www.lot.at

Presentation in German and English. Discussion in English.

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