m1 (turm4)
Monday, 26. March 2007

nomanden reading group 5.3


m1 semperdepot, 16h, weds 28th march

The next reading group meeting for Jacques Ranciere's 'The Ignorant Schoolmaster - 5 Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation' will take place on Wednesday 28th at 16h in m1 semperdepot. We will be reading through and discussing chapter 3 'Reason Between Equals', which has a very interesting section directly in relation to art practice and to art education.

"...it's not a matter of making great painters; it's a matter of making the emancipated: people capable of saying, "me too, I'm a painter," a statement that contains nothing in the way of pride, only the reasonable feeling of power that belongs to any reasonable being. "There is no pride in saying out loud: Me too I'm a painter! Pride consists in saying softly to others: You neither, you aren't a painter." "Me too I'm a painter" means me too, I have a soul, I have feelings to communicate to my fellow-men."

"Intelligence is not a power of understanding based on comparing knowledge with its object. It is the power to make oneself understood through another's verification. And only an equal understands an equal. Equality and Intelligence are synonymous terms, exactly like reason and will... The equality of intelligence is the common bond of human-kind, the necessary and sufficient condition for a society of humans to exist."

hope to see you there!


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