m1 (turm4)

summit presentation - reading of 'academy as potentiality' by irit rogoff

18.04, 17h m1 semperdepot

reading the text 'Academy as Potentiality' summit.kein.org by Irit Rogoff as part of the preparation for the travel to Berlin at the end of May. More details below.

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summit - non aligned initiatives in education and culture

As part of the nomanden online text archive here is the link once again to the summit website, and a text by Florian Schneider, one of the co-organisers, watch this space for updates! Click on 'click to view more' to see the links/texts, peace out, nomanden

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nomanden reading group 5.3

join us on weds 28th march in m1 semperdepot at 16h for the reading of 'The Ignorant Schoolmaster' by Jacques Ranciere; chapter 3: Reason Between Equals

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nomanden reading group 5.2

Please join us for the next installment of Ranciere's 'The Ignorant Schoolmaster' on Saturday the 10th of March at 13h in M1 Semperdepot. We are reading and discussing chapter 2 'The Ignorant One's Lesson'. Copies of the entire book can be found next to the computers in M1. Hope to see you there!

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nomanden reads: ranciére`s ignorant schoolmaster

Five Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation I. An Intellectual Adventure The Explicative Order - Chance and Will - The Emancipatory Master - The Circle of Power...

copies are available in the nomanden archive, we are discussing chapter 1 and 2 wednesday the 28th of february at 3pm - come along!

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Nomanden Reading Group 5.1

Cafe Weidinger - Tuesday Feb 6th - 3pm

DISCUSSING: Art & Work by Maurizio Lazzaratto available here: pa-f.net and copies of The Ignorant Schoolmaster by Jacques Rancière will be handed out as this will be the next major reading we will do.

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Nomanden Reading Group no. 4

Proposed date: Tuesday 9th January 2007 please confirm or repropose in the comments section.

'Immaterial Civil War' by Matteo Pasquinelli can be found here: www.flexmens.org

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production of knowledge - nomanden reading group - PAF

dear all

the next nomanden reading group will take place in PAF, St. Erme, France to hold a discussion loosely based around the below texts proposed by the Belgrade Group, and Michael Poetschko.

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del.icio.us - how to

here is info about the technical aspects of using our del.icio.us page, thanks stefan!

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production of knowledge - related texts/links

dear all here you can find most of the readings that were present on the nomanden travelling library bus that went to pristina, readings from the nomanden reading group meetings, links, and other texts of interest. Please add links, texts etc in the comments section. Also check out our new del.icio.us page: del.icio.us

login: openknowledge password: turm4

del.icio.us is a tool for bookmarking related links if you would like to know more about how it functions check out the 'del.icio.us how to' above,

regards, the nomanden team

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nomanden reading group - How do we want to be educated?

meeting - 18h wednesday 6th december 2006 in the nomanden archive

To discuss:

(application/pdf, 113 KB)
  • The Bologna and Sorbonne Declarations

www.bologna-bergen2005.no (under 'main documents')

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nomanden reading group

Greetings fellow PCAP's! Proposed first reading for the Nomanden Reading Group is PARTICIPATORY ECONOMICS - by Michael Albert.

english: eipcp.net german: eipcp.net

Date for group meeting to be announced, other proposals welcome + more will shortly follow.

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Podiumsdiskussion: Kunst und Wirtschaft - wer macht die Kunst; DEPOT.

gewidmet an Christina Haupt-Stummer, Brigitte Kössner und alle die sich betroffen fühlen, auch an mich selbst.

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Virus unterwegs: Lass´ dich nicht anstecken!

Seit kurzem versuchen Idioten in Netzwerken, Akademien, Universitäten, Museen, Galerien und auch bei öffentlichen Veranstaltungen einen Virus zu verbreiten. Sie kommen aus allen möglichen Kontexten und Diskursen. Die Zahl der infizierten ist rapide am steigen, und scheint vorerst nicht Halt zu machen.

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Autnomie in der Gallerie? Anarchie auf der Akademie? - org. mail service(oms)

über gastvortrag LUNGOMARE von ANGELIKA FITZ.

Einige Fragen zu autonomie in der Kunstindustrie und gleichzeitigen gemeinsamen Entscheidungen in der Zusammenarbeit verschiedener Disziplinen.

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Alexander Brener & Barbara Schurz

Hi Viennese art-people, how do you do?!

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Hopefully a political feeling.

Political networking, autonomous feminist spaces – a Interview with Emma Hedditch by Eva Egermann. Emma Hedditch is an artist living in London. Her work activates a commitment to feminist politics, democratic media and a genuinely collaborative and collective practice. Emma will be in Vienna during one week from 4th to 10th October, organising a workshop with the title „ The context is the content, let's meet there!“

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Interventionistische Kunst gegen die Maschine des Vergessens! Interview mit der Argentinischen KünstlerInnengruppe Etcetera

Seit 1998 arbeitet die interventionistische KünstlerInnengruppe Etcétera aus Santiago de Chile und Buenos Aires an Performances und Aktionen zu den sozialen und politischen Konflikten in Argentinien. Ihre Arbeiten sind anläßlich der Ausstellung -There must be an Alternative! noch bis zum 28. November im Forum Stadtpark Graz zu sehen.

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Okwui Enwezor lecture

Got this Enwezor lecture per email. Short but interesting.

Christian Mayer

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