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Tuesday, 17. April 2007

summit presentation - reading of 'academy as potentiality' by irit rogoff

we will read and discuss the text 'Academy as Potentiality' by Irit Rogoff, as preparation for the presentaion of the Summit Conference (19h, same day, in the Institut Künstlerisches Lehramt, hörsaal 3, Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 3). And to prepare for the actual conference at the end of May in Berlin.

The text is taken from summit.kein.org - where a number of other texts are available, so if others have read different texts which they find interesting please also bring them along for discussion. The reason for reading 'Academy as Potentiality' is that it provides some interesting perspectives from which to view the general commercialisation of education in Europe, and the changes being implemented in the Academy right now, in this vein it also connects with the nomanden's current reading of 'The Ignorant Schoolmaster - 5 Lessons in Intellectual Emancipation' by Jacques Ranciere.

Please join us if you have an interest,

best wishes,

nomanden archive and reading group, m1 semperdepot

ps. unfinished text by Florian Schneider, one of the co-organisers and presenters of Summit, taken from the edu-factory mailing list, can be found here to download: t4.antville.org
and here for online version: t4.antville.org
it also mentions 'The Ignorant Schoolmaster' and can also maybe discussed before travelling to Berlin, or on wednesday if anyone has time to read it!

pps. other texts on the website include:

  (very interesting text) Simon O'Sullivan: Academy: 'The Production of Subjectivity'  

* The interactive artwork discussed: Schematic cube.  
* Rob Stone: The Shrinking Green (εccentric Archives)  
* Jorella Andrews: Critical Materialities  
* Michael Hirsch: The Concept of the Civil Society. Notes on learning in cultural institutions  
* Dieter Roelstraete: Poiesis Makes Perfect, Notes on Gesture (Reprise)  
* Yve Lomax: On bringing education to life: notes for further thought  
* Bojana Cvejić: Learning by making  
* Gavin Butt: Scholarly Flirtations  
* Dieter Lesage: A Portrait of the Artist as a Researcher

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