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Wednesday, 7. January 2009


15:30 Introduction

15:45 Jan Bakos (Comenius University Bratislava):

Humanists versus Relativists. Visions and Revisions of the Vienna School Methodological Doctrine
The Vienna School of Art History based art historical research on the belief in method and its scientific nature. The orthodox epistemological model of the Vienna School as formulated by Alois Riegl regarded art history as an exact and non-partial objective science. Riegl’s followers developed and transformed or critically revised his model. The present paper deals with the process of transformations and revisions of the Vienna School orthodox model.

17:00 Discussion

7:30 Pause

18:00 Piotr Piotrowski (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan):

Towards a Horizontal Art History
The author proposes a theory of a horizontal art history as both a critique of the vertical one, understood as hierarchical and Western oriented scholarly practice, as well as the proposed methodological approach to rewrite a history of modern art along with the pluralistic and non-hierarchical model. The model suggested here is based on an equality of different art historical narratives. Its crucial point is to negotiate different discourses, not in order to create one alternative super-structure, but rather to unveil a dynamic process of exchanging values between them.

19:30 Discussion

20:00 Final notes

20:30 Dinner in the class, prepared by Miltiadis Gerothanassis and Ivan Jurica
In charge of the seminar at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna: Marina Gržinić
Assistants/tutors: Ivan Jurica and Ivana Marjanović.

Technical coordination: Petja Dimitrova, Eduard Freudmann
Recording, editing, streaming: Analisa Cannito, Philip Leitner, Chui Jong Yian
Photo archive by Muzaffer Hasaltay and Rozati Sayed Saleh

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