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Wednesday, 3. June 2009


1. On fatigue
Paper folders are on the table. Each is entitled with: tired of: being a symptom, of repetition, of articulation, of dealing, of
migrations, of heteronormativity, of criticism, of maintaining status quo… or similar. Drawings in the folders are portraits of
fictional, no name, everyday characters, figures, positions, unrecognizable in their eclectic identities. Faces tired of here-andnow,
but still or never ready for radical intervention. Audience is proposed to go through the faces/portraits/drawings and
move/reposition them as he/she wish, between folders, through fatigues.
2. A Letter to Heiner M, version II
Is a collaboration with the Croatian author Goran Ferčec. It is an intervention in/on his (performance) text “A Letter to Heiner
M.” (“Brief an Heiner M.”), written in 2007. Installation presents a double set of instructions for the possible
performer/reader/audience. Ilić presented a work in progress’ proposition for newspaper/art book project. “A Letter to Heiner
M, version II”, is Ilić and Ferčec third collaboration project. They started the first collaboration in 2005.
Siniša ILIĆ, born in 1977, Belgrade, Serbia. MA at the Painting Department, Faculty of Fine Arts, Belgrade. He exhibits in
Serbia and abroad; he draws on the gallery walls and presents performances at exhibitions’ openings. He is co-founder and
member of TkH (Walking Theory), Belgrade, independent performance art and theory platform, and as well of TkH magazine.
He writes and performs texts on performance. He collaborated at selected theatre projects as stage designer. In 2002 with
theatre director Bojan Djordjev, Ilić started a long term project Desert of Picture.
KulturKontakt Austria - Gallery ART POINT
Universitätsstraße 5
1010 Wien

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