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Sunday, 29. November 2009

DECEMBER 2009 study program

Prof. Marina Grzinic
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna

DECEMBER 2009 study program

Check Instead: the Colonial Matrix of Power
WORKSHOP conceived and organized by Ana Hoffner and Ivana Marjanovic at VBKÖ

ADRESS: Maysedergasse 2 (4. Stock)
1010 Wien

Workshop with exhibition supported by the Post Conceptual Art Practices, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.
Ana Hoffner, Ivana Marjanovic: ivanamar@gmail.com

DETAILS WORKSHOP, days, time, space
30.11. VBKÖ, 3 pm – 8 pm workshop

1.12. VBKÖ, workshop, 3 pm – 8 pm workshop

2.12. VBKÖ, workshop, 3 pm – 8 pm workshop

3.12. VBKÖ, workshop, 3 pm – 8 pm workshop

4.12. VBKÖ, workshop, 3 pm – 8 pm workshop


5.12. VBKÖ. Installing exhibition


6.12. VBKÖ. Installing exhibition

7.12. 2009
Exhibition opening in VBKÖ, Vienna, 7 pm
Check Instead: the Colonial Matrix of Power!

Sheri Avraham, Iris Borovčnik, Lina Dokuzović, Christian Gangl, Miltiadis Gerothanasis, Ana Hoffner, Tatiana Kai-Browne, Baris Kiziltoprak, Marissa Lobo, Nataša Mackuljak, Ivana Marjanović, Maria Muhar, Marion Oberhofer, Ervin Tahirović, Majda Turkić, Reinhard Uttenthaler
The exhibition is open from 08.12.2009 till 19.12.2009, Tuesday - Saturday, 16 - 19h

The exhibition is the outcome of the workshop that took place at the VBKÖ as part of Squatting Teachers initiative within the context of the university protests. The workshop was organized by Ana Hoffner and Ivana Marjanović and supported by the Post Conceptual Art Practices Class, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna. The workshop and exhibition are part of the VBKÖ 2009 program with a follow-up panel discussion on January 21st, 2010 at 8pm within the VBKÖ 100 year anniversary program on the topic Widerstand “leisten.” The project is supported by: Vienna – City of Culture.
The “colonial matrix of power” is a concept that examines historical and contemporary coloniality and it was coined by Hanibal Quijano and re-proposed by Walter Mignolo. More: Marina Gržinić and Walter Mignolo, “De-linking Epistemology from Capital and Pluri-versality,” Reartikulacija, No. 4, 2008, www.reartikulacija.org

7.11 do 11.12.2009
At M1, Semper depot, Akbild
Prof. Harun Farocki film seminar

8.12 to 11.12.2009
 Prague study travel
 Post-Conceptual Art Practices class, Akbild, Vienna visiting
Conceptual Class, AVU, Prague

 8.12 to 11.12.2009

 Travel project conceived by Ivan Jurica

 PARTICIPANTS from Vienna:

Sheri Avraham
Sarah Binder
Lisa Bolyos
Iris Borovcnik
Isa (Annalisa) Cannito
Cain Chui (Chui Yong Jian)
Miltiadis Gerothanassis
Muzaffer Hasaltay
Tatiana Kai-Browne
Baris Kiziltoprak
Johannes Klemen
Christoph Kolar
Marissa Lobo
Maria Muhar
Marion Oberhofer
Saleh Rozati
Lukas Tagwerker
Ervin Tahirovic
Majda Turkic
Barbara Wilding

Ivan Jurica
Petja Dimitrova
Eduard Freudmann
Marina Grzinic

  • Photo documentation of the travel will be taken by Saleh Rozati and Sheri
  • Video film on/of the travel will be done by Sheri Avraham and Marion Oberhofer

TRAVEL PROJECT: Concept, Politics, EU and the Wall at AVU Prague:

    1. 2009 at AVU PRAGUE

PCAP class presentation, part 1:

Sarah Binder, Iris Borovcnik, Isa (Annalisa) Cannito, Miltiadis Gerothanassis,
Baris Kiziltoprak, Marissa Lobo, Maria Muhar, Ervin Tahirovic
Majda Turkic, Barbara Wilding, Petja Dimitrova, Eduard Freudmann

9.12.2009 at AVU PRAGUE

PCAP class presentation, part 2:

a) Presentation of the project: Check Instead: the Colonial Matrix of Power!
by Sheri Avraham, Iris Borovcnik, Miltiadis Gerothanasis, Tatiana Kai-Browne, Baris Kiziltoprak, Marissa Lobo, Maria Muhar, Marion Oberhofer, Ervin Tahirovic

b) Presentation of the exhibition project by Barbara Wilding
c) Presentation works by Muzaffer Hasaltay, Johannes Klemen, work done in collaboration with Natasa Maculjak and Adnan Popovic, Saleh Rozati

10.12.2009 at AVU PRAGUE

PCAP class presentation, part 3:

a) Lecture by Lisa Bolyos
b) Presentation works by Christoph Kolar, Ivan Jurica, Cain Chui (Chui Yong Jian), Majda Turkic

TUESDAY, 15 .12.2009
M1, Semperdepot

16:00 Meeting with Dimitrova and Freudmann, talk about open questions

18:00 Work presentation: “Soul of Sustainability” by
Irina Gheorghe, Alina Popa, Stefan Tiron (Bucharest)

Soul of Sustainability
While in Vienna as artists-in-residence we focused on the concept of sustainability, as part of the main discourse of KulturKontakt and other similar cultural organizations. The prevalence of this new term relies on the fact that art and culture are seen as indispensable though until recently disregarded instruments in the larger policy of sustainable development. But what does sustainable development actually sustain? The Bureau of Melodramatic Research has spotted how its very own object of study - emotion, sensitivity, pathos – is instrumentalized with the purpose of saving the soul of sustainability (“Sustainability also needs a soul”, Dr. Hildegard Kurt, from “Art as Seismograph”, KulturKontakt Magazine, Autumn, 2009).

Artists regarded as bearers of subjectivity are the main “agents of the soul”, the missing link in a self-contained chain of sustainability in search of a “heart”. Sustainability is identified as a new imposed standard for sustaining and maintaining the power of capital owners.

Irina Gheorghe & Alina Popa founded in 2009 an independent institution The Bureau of Melodramatic Research, in Bucharest, Romania. BMR is a non-profit organization with the general aim of cooperation with institutions from the cultural field in order to reveal the circuit of the sentimental capital which determines social, politic and ultimately economic relations. The
Bureau conducts critical analysis by detecting melodramatized appropriations and reappropriations. Its melodramatic methodology is defined as melocritique. Currently they are artists-in-residence at the KulturKontakt Vienna.

Stefan Tiron lives and works in Bucharest, Romania as an independent curator. In 2005 artist in residence with monochrom in Vienna. He indulges in his recent hobby for the cultural and ideological ramification of apiculture, beehive metaphors, social insects and social engineering.

21.12.2009 until 6.01.2010 HOLIDAYS

WORK STARTS in 2010 on the 11.01.2010 with seminar by Harun Farocki, m1, semper depot…

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