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Monday, 1. March 2010

Rundgang 2010

Exhibition, Presentation, Performance, Lecture

Thursday, 21.01.
16:00 Opening of the Exhibition by PCAP students and guests
Sheri Avraham, Sarah Binder and Jennifer Schleif, Christian Gangl, Muzaffer Hasaltay, Christoph Kolar, Philip Leitner,
Nataša Mackuljak, Johannes Klemen and Adnan Popović, Kadër Muzaqi, Saleh Rozati and Mohammad Fard, Ervin Tahirović
Opening of the exhibition “Check Instead: the Colonial Matrix of Power!”
The exhibition is the outcome of the workshop that took place at the VBKÖ as part of Squatting Teachers initiative within the context of the university protests. The workshop was organized by Ana Hoffner and Ivana Marjanović and supported by the Post Conceptual Art Practices Class, Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna.
Participants: Branko Andrić, Sheri Avraham, Iris Borovčnik, Lina Dokuzović, Christian Gangl, Miltiadis Gerothanasis,
Ana Hoffner, Tatiana Kai-Browne, Barış Kızıltoprak, Marissa Lobo, Nataša Mackuljak, Ivana Marjanović, Maria Muhar,
Marion Oberhofer, Ervin Tahirović, Majda Turkić, Reinhard Uttenthaler
20:00 Panel: “Check Instead: the Colonial Matrix of Power!” at VBKÖ
Panelists: Miltiadis Gerothanasis (anonymous), Marina Gržinić (artist and theoretician, Vienna/Ljubljana), Therese Kaufmann (theoretician, eipcp Vienna), Marissa Lobo (anonymous) and other project participants
Moderators: Ana Hoffner (artist) and Ivana Marjanović (PhD student, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna)
The panel discussion will deal with following issues: What are the (violent) cultural/artistic interventions in spaces outside of the First Capitalist World that are taking place in the present? What is the logic behind interventions of private financial institutions in artistic and cultural space of so-called Southeastern Europe? What is their relation to public institutions? How can we understand these interventions within the framework of re-awakened Austrian imperialist aspirations? How are interventions by actors other than governments and private financial institutions (for example artists, curators) connected to coloniality and western exceptionalism? How would an artistic intervention which de-links from the global capitalist understanding of intervention look like? What are or would be counter-strategies?

Friday, 22. 01.
Project “SEMINAR Decolonizing Knowledge and Life through Theory and Art” Reading Frantz Fanon "The Wretched of the Earth", published 1961. Organized by Ivana Marjanović and students PCAP.
18:00 PERFORMANCE LECTURE by Peter Haselmayer: “How to break reality: Education is a lie”

Saturday, 23. 01.
Project “SEMINAR Decolonizing Knowledge and Life through Theory and Art” Reading Frantz Fanon "The Wretched of the Earth", published 1961. Organized by Ivana Marjanović and students PCAP.
18:00 PRESENTATION LECTURE by Danila Mayer and Muzaffer Hasaltay "Kunst in Städten – Art in Cities – Sanat Kentlerde"
Some considerations on art biennales, and impressions from the 11th bienal istanbul 09./ Überlegungen zu Kunstbiennalen, und eindrücke von der 11. Istanbul biennale 09. (Languages: German and English)

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