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Monday, 1. March 2010

“AKTION” PRAHA – VIENNA, PART II Study exchange: Concept, Politics, EU and the Wall

Study exchange: Concept, Politics, EU and the Wall

PROGRAM Wednesday, 3. 3. 2010
17.00 official welcome & food at PCAP class space
18.30 Tour through historypolitical manifestations and interventions at the Academy (as part the project/seminar “Plattform Geschichtspolitik” in english), afterwards discussion at PCAP class space
20.30 Screening: "Film PCAP in Prague" by Sheri Avraham and Marion Oberhofer

PROGRAM Thursday, 4. 3. 2010
Prague students visiting the city, meeting after lunch
10.00–15.00 PCAP Vienna + CAP Prague Presentation of students’ collaborative and individual projects, part 1:
Christoph Kolar (Vienna)
Jan Trejbal and Susanne Kass (Prague)
Nataša Mackuljak, Johannes Klemen, Adnan Popović (Vienna)
Friederike Höppner (Prague)
Carolina Agredo (Vienna)
Ján Valík (Prague)
Sarah Binder (Vienna)
Petr Skala (Prague)
Ivan Jurica (Vienna)
18.00 dinner
20.00 visiting the opening of the “Changing Channels” exhibition at MUMOK

PROGRAM Friday, 5. 3. 2010
15.00–18.00 LECTURE and WORKSHOP on Museum, History, AntiRacistPolitics
Guests: Araba Evelyn Johnston Arthur and Belinda Kazeem (Research group for Black Austrian History and Presence)
The research group for Black Austrian History and Presence was founded in the course of the exhibition “Hidden Histories. remapping Mozart” in 2005 and is a working group of the self organisation “Pamoja. Movement of the Young African Diaspora in Austria”. The group’s work focuses on decolonising knowledge production and counter his(her)stories.
Belinda Kazeem: Currently studying International Development. Fields of specialisation are environment politics, politics of representation, diaspora and migration in the context of fine arts. Part of the research group for Black Austrian history and presence/Pamoja.
Araba Evelyn Johnston-Arthur: Activist, Theory-Community-and Culturalworker dealing with the history and presence of the African Diaspora, institutional racism and antiracism, multifaceted black politics of liberation and decolonisation. Cofounder of Pamoja and The Research Group for Black Austrian History and presence/Pamoja. Lectures at the University of Vienna.
19.00–01.30 kicking CLOSING VERNISSAGE (incl. Peter Haselmayer's Performance; Adnan Popovic' Cartoons screening, screening of "Stayin Alive Project")

Study exchange conceived by Ivan Jurica

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