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Thursday, 18. November 2010

Study exchange: VŠVU Bratislava

24.–26.11.2010, VŠVU Bratislava

Study exchange: Der Drang nach Osten – Parallels towards Coloniality and Post-Colonialism within the Central-European Space

Research meeting in Bratislava in between Post Conceptual Art Practices Class /Academy of Fine Arts Vienna and Studio Ilona Németh, Academy of Fine Arts, (VŠVU), Bratislava.

The aim of the project is to create (through selected artworks and texts) a theoretical base for reconsidering the history and the presence of Central-European Space not just as any history or even nostalgia for the past, but as history of repressions based on borders, ideologies, religion, capital and exploitation (comparable to the history and presence of neo/coloniality). Another constitutive part of the project is a small symposium with theoreticians on art and economy (25.11.) and a group workshop on coloniality between the students of 2 arts academies, Bratislava and Vienna.

Participants from the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna – Post Conceptual Art Practices (PCAP):
Arin Zadoorian, Kevin Dooley, Marissa Lobo, Wilhelm Hejda, Claudia Tomassetti, Sheri Avraham, Christian Gangl, Claudia Caceres, Chui Yong Jian, Maria Kuschelieva, Iris Borovcnik, Neda Hosseinyar, Aleksandra Aleksic, Muzaffer Hasaltay, Ruth Weismann, Niki Kubaczek, Annalisa Cannito, Joanna Wilk, Andreas Scherz, Julia Rochford, Can Gülcü, Verena Melgarejo, Tatiana Kai-Browne, Miltiadis Gerothanassis, Kader Muzaqi
Ivan Jurica, Petja Dimitrova, Eduard Freudmann, Marina Grzinic m1.antville.org

Project proposal for Bratislava conceived and organized by Ivan Jurica, artist, curator, writer.

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