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Monday, 29. November 2010

Vocabulary of Decoloniality

    • 9.12.2010 – Semperdepot, M1
      – open to general public

Reading: Vocabulary of Decoloniality

Reading texts (all to be published in the upcoming “Vocabulary of Decoloniality”):

01.12. 2010, 16.00 - 23.00
1) Ivan Jurica: "Der Drang nach Osten
Parallels to Post-Colonialism and Coloniality within the Central European Space"
2) Eyal Danon: "Some Notes from an Encircled Society: the project Liminal Spaces and other case studies"

09.12.2010, 15.30 - 23.00
1) Jean Rouch: Les Maitres fous (1956)
2) Talk about Trinh Minh-Ha's critical points on documentary works and ethnology
3) Tracey Moffatt: Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy (1990)
4) Regina Wuzella: "De-Colonising the Filmic Gaze - The In/Visible Trauma in Tracey Moffatt's Night Cries: A Rural Tragedy"
5) Coco Fusco: "Thoughts about maps and spatial logic in the global present.
Questioning the Frame"

VOCABULARY OF DECOLONIALITY introduces the concept of decoloniality as an option for the contention of contemporary forms of subjugation under neo-liberal global capitalism that is based on historical colonialism and maintains continuities with it. Reading writers such as Frantz Fanon, bell hooks, Belinda Kazeem, Nicola Lauré al-Samarai, Walter Mignolo and Peggy Piesche and relating their ideas to the current state of capitalism, migration, racism, class, gender etc., the editors with the name "Editorial Group for Writing Insurgent Genealogies " decided that it is necessary to reformulate the existing vocabulary and to re-propose new terminology and meaning connecting art and politics.

VOCABULARY OF DECOLONIALITY is a project initiated by the alumni and students of the Post-Conceptual Art Practices class at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, PhD candidate Ivana Marjanović and Professor Marina Gržinić within the context of the project of theory and arts: "Seminar Decolonizing Knowledge and Life through Theory and Art" that has been organized in the class for Post Conceptual Art Practices class, Akbild, since 2009 by Ivana Marjanović.

The Editorial Group for Writing Insurgent Genealogies consists of Carolina Agredo, Sheri Avraham, Iris Borovčnik, Annalisa Cannito, Miltiadis Gerothanasis, Niki Kubaczek, Marissa Lobo and Ivana Marjanović. The group was constituted through a hard process of reading, discussions and activation.

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