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Tuesday, 5. April 2011

PCAP program April 2011

Prof. Marina Grzinic
Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna
M1, first floor, Semper Depot, Lehargasse 8, Vienna

PCAP APRIL 2011, working schedule

4 to 9.04.2011, Monday to Friday , M1
Film seminar by Harun Farocki

7.4. 2011, Thursday
At 18.00, M1

13.4. 2011, Wednesday

10.00 to13.00, INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS, GRZINIC OFFICE, contact me for the meeting

At 14.00 until 18.00, M1

Christoph Kolar presentation diploma work for June 2011
He will screen his film and we will discuss and comments

Nika Autor, PHD art student at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, enrolled in the class. She will show 2 films both expose the regime that European Union is imposing on migrant population.

Postcards by Nika Autor, experimental film, PAL DVD, color, 9', 2010
My work is the reaction to the relations of inequality, to unequal distribution of power that is being historically reproduced through the domination of power relations on both national and global level.

Report on the situation of asylum seekers in Republic of Slovenia, January 2008 – August 2009 by Nika Autor &Maja Cimerman, documentary film, PAL DVD, BW, 36'', 2010
The film is trying to expose struggle and life of the asylum seekers in Slovenia. Asylum seekers are more and more becoming object of systematic physical and psychological violence. The Asylum Center has become an instrument for averting asylum seekers’ and dismantling the right to asylum, rather than being an instrument of their protection. Ever more present repression over asylum seekers coincides with the trend of asylum law. Film exposes the structure of the asylum legal regulation, it’s transformation, disappearance of the right to asylum, criminalization of asylum seekers, systematic physical and psychological violence over asylum seekers, the emergence of European apartheid system, system of production of “sans papieres” while pointing out the self-organization of asylum seekers themselves and the meaning of social centers and open autonomous spaces that self-organized asylum seekers and their supporters are using in their everyday organizing

13.4. 2011, Wednesday

At 19.00

Where: WUK Kunsthalle Exnergasse
Währinger Straße 59
A-1090 Wien

Panel discussion
Seavas Abi and Sista, Build Communities of Resistance!
“Kanak_innen Rap” as an Intervention into Debates on Policies of Migration?
The so-called “Kanak_innen Rap” is street culture, performed by migrants and inscribed by their living circumstances, which deals with stories of “reality” and dreams, and criticizes exclusion and social problems. Which emancipatory rap projects exist beyond the reproduction of sexist, macho and homophobic imagery? How do they communicate anti-racist awareness, and to which extent are they identified as part of migration struggles? How does the park groove and what’s the message? These questions outline the field of investigation for the panel discussion which will gather anti-racist rap artists and activists.

14.04.2011, Thursday

10.00 to 12.00 INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS, Grzinic office, contact me for the meeting

14.04.2011, Thursday

At 13.00 until 14.30
Arin Zadoorian, presentation film, Bratislava study trip in November 2010
Evgen Shevelenko, enrolled this semester in the class, will show his entry portfolio
14.04.2011, Thursday

At 14.30 until 16.00
Okenna Okafor, work in process presentation of the diploma work, collaboration with Sheri Avraham and Marissa Lobo
14.04.2011, Thursday

PhD students with us in the PCAP
At 16.00
Ana Vulic, from Belgium, presentation of Gender Performativity: Discourses on Diversity and its Constitutive Limits

At 17.30
Seraina Renz, from Switzerland, presentation of Art, Bodies, and Politics: Body Art in Yugoslavia and the Post-Yugoslavian Republics

At 19.00
Aneta Stojnic, from Serbia, presentation of the recent work: digital, performative

14.04.2011, Thursday
MONTHLY FILM PROGRAM PCAP by Claudia Caceres and Marissa Lobo.
Screening a film by Bruce LaBruce. Debate afterwards.
Bruce LaBruce (1964) is a Canadian writer, filmmaker, photographer and underground gay porn director based in Toronto.
18.04 to 30.04, 2011, HOLIDAYS

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