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Sunday, 29. October 2017

RESEARCH TRAVEL TO LINZ/pcap 2-4.11.2017


The studio for Conceptual Art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna was conceptually renamed into Post-conceptual Art Practices (short PCAP) in 2003. Activism, politics and theory are of utmost importance for the way how we deal with visual practices and politics of representation in PCAP. Art is not a tool that can be simply applied for a certain innocent process of production and distribution of images and knowledge. Education is not a transparent machine for production and circulation of skills.

Taking part in the travel (in many ways of working and exhibiting and organizing) Marwa Abou Hatab, Kreeta Aidla; Maira-Enesi Caixeta; Victoria Eliseykina; Samira Fux; Christian Guzy; Jamie Hadrovic; Neda Hosseinyar; Sarah Raffaela Jackel; Robert Jolly; Aaron Kimmig ; Leonie Rosa Knez; Mathias Kropfitsch; Grace Marta Latigo; Mika Maruyama; Elisabeth Tawanda Taruvinga Mtasa ; Daisy Nutting; Dominik Aron Szereday; Martin Weichselbaumer ; Petja Dimitrova; Muzaffer Hasaltay; Marina Grzinic

Taking part in the exhibition Beyond Territory, Raumschiff Linz, opening 3.11.2017. Other activities: meeting at and with Maiz, Linz, visiting the Mauthausen Memorial.

The exhibition Beyond Territory, Raumschiff Linz, opening, 3.11.2017. The participation under the name of CRX/PCAP was organized by Robert Jolly, Maira Enesi Caixeta, supported by many in the process:

Marwa Abou Hatab Maira-Enesi Caixeta Samira Fux Jamie Hadrovic Neda Hosseinyar Sarah Raffaela Jackel Robert Jolly Mathias Kropfitsch Grace Marta Latigo Mika Maruyama

After the opening 3.11. 2017 program at Beyond Territory, Raumschiff Linz

Maira Enesi Caixeta, performance, title “Child of Nature” Mika Maruyama, lecture, title “Imaginary narrative and Politics Behind the Terrain” Screening program: Robert Jolly, video, Jamie Hadrovic, video, and Maira Enesi Caixeta animation done in collaboration. Final thoughts on territory; a travelogue by those exhibiting through the works.

Details additionally what we do in Linz: 2.11.2017 (Thursday) meeting with and at Maiz Scharitzerstr 6-8 / 1. Stock. 4020 Linz

... Selbstorganisation – Partizipation – Autonomie – Widerstand – Transformation – Utopie… ein unabhängiger Verein von und für Migrantinnen mit dem Ziel, die Lebens- und Arbeitssituation von Migrantinnen in Österreich zu verbessern und ihre politische und kulturelle Partizipation zu fördern sowie eine Veränderung der bestehenden, ungerechten gesellschaftlichen Verhältnisse zu bewirken. Wir handeln für die rechtliche und soziale Besserstellung von allen Migrantinnen und greifen aktiv in die gesellschaftlichen Auseinandersetzungen um Migration und (Anti-)Rassismus ein. Neben Beratungs- und Bildungsangeboten umfassen unsere Aktivitäten daher auch politische Kulturarbeit, öffentliche Aktionen und wissenschaftliche Forschungsprojekte. Wir stellen uns gegen den Opfer-Diskurs und Voyeurismus der Medien und setzen auf Protagonismus, Selbstartikulation und kollektives Handeln. Wichtig dabei ist uns auch die Auseinandersetzung unter Migrantinnen selbst.

3.11.2017 (Friday) The exhibition Beyond Territory, Raumschiff Linz, opening


Visiting lentos museum exhibition Visiting ars electronica exhibition Visiting das Kollektiv, Willy Fried

4.11.2017 (Saturday) Visiting the Mauthausen Memorial

Mauthausen–Gusen concentration camp was the hub of a large group of German concentration camps that was built around the villages of Mauthausen and Sankt Georgen an der Gusen (Gusen) in Upper Austria, roughly 20 kilometers east of the city of Linz. From 1938 to 1945, the Mauthausen concentration camp was at the centre of a system of over 40 subcamps and was the main site of political, social and racist persecution by the National Socialist regime on Austrian territory. Of a total of around 190,000 people imprisoned here, at least 90,000 were murdered. The Mauthausen Memorial is a former crime scene, a place of memory, a cemetery for the mortal remains of thousands of those murdered here and, increasingly, a site of political and historical education. Its task is to ensure public awareness of the history of the Mauthausen concentration camp and its subcamps, the memory of its victims, and the responsibility borne by the perpetrators and onlookers. At the same time it seeks to promote public critical engagement with this history in the context of its significance for the present and future.

At 17.00 Gallery talk with artists from the exhibition Territory

Departure at 21.00 to Vienna

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