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Saturday, 25. May 2019


RESEARCH TRAVEL TO ICELAND From 16.05 to 21.05.2019

Relationship between art,nature, tourism, money, the cultural, the social and political

21 students and 3 teaching staff

Asma Aiad Maira Enesi Caixeta Lia Espinosa Castillo
Victoria Eliseykina Christian Guzy Đejmi Hadrović Sarah Raffaela Jackel Robert Jolly Aaron Kimmig Leonie Rosa Knez Siegfried Koenig Catherine Franziska Lehnerer Dean Eno Maassen Mika Maruyama Juliana Melzer Valentin Pfenniger Julien Segarra Sophie Anna Stadler Dominik Aron Szereday Elisabeth Tawanda Taruvinga Mtasa Irene Wallner

Prof. Marina Grzinic Maren Grimm Julia Hohenwarter

Team organization Marina Grzinic planning spaces and people Maren Grimm Youth hostel, checking Julien Segarra consultations and logistics and Booklet

TEAM students

Photos: Lia, Irene, Victoria Cooking master mind: Julien Segarra, and help Siegfried Koening, Dominik Szereday,

groups cleaning after cooking in the kitchen youth hostel

THANKS NOTE: Eva Blimlinger, Sibylle Schwarzkogler, Kristgeir Sigurgeirsson, María J. Þorsteinsdóttir, snaeland.is, Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir, Halla Hannesdottir Kristín Loftsdóttir, Anna Wojtynska, the Mobility and Transnational Iceland project, Claudia Tazreiter, Timothy Heffernan, Megan Auður


16.05.2019, Thursday

Arrival retro hostel

20:00: meeting people in the city.

17.05.2019, Friday

Morning: Iceland Academy of Arts - Fine Arts department (Reykjavík) Open doors - Iceland Academy of Arts - Fine Arts department (Reykjavík Rundgang exhibition, meeting students, presentations. Exhibition at Marshal house www.lhi.is

19.00 GROUP EXHIBITION OPENING SUBURBS at Gerðuberg is söme kind of a cultural center in Breiðholt.

Invitation by Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir oskvilhjalmsdottir.is CV: Meisterschülerin, prof. Valie Export, 1994 Hochschule der Künste Berlin, 1988-1994 MHÍ/ the Icelandic Collage of Arts and Crafts, 1984-1986 Sorbonne, Paris: Civilisation Française 1983 -1984

18.05.2019, Saturday

Driving day in Snæfellsnes to Snæfellsnes glacier area. the drive around the glacier with all the interesting sites and drive towards the border of the glacier visit of the Library of Water (Roni Horn) on the way back to Reykjavík. www.west.is Good shoes to walk, warm clothes…etc swimsuit!

OUR GUIDE is Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir, oskvilhjalmsdottir.is OTHER OCCUPATION Ósk Vilhjálmsdóttir

freelance teacher: The Academy of the Arts in Reykjavík, The Reykjavik School of Visual Arts, Universität der Künste in Berlin, Nordiska Konstskolan Kokkola (Finland)

chairman of the board of the Living Art Museum in Reykjavik (artist-run gallery) 2000-2002

organizes and leads tours in endangered areas in the Icelandic highlands

environmental activism since 1997

mountain guide in Iceland since 1992, and in Morocco since 2016

one of the founders of Framtíðarlandið [Land of the Future] an organization dedicated to encouraging nature conservation and creativity in society

19.05.2019, Sunday

Nature, take off, city walks

Cooking - Drinking

20.05.2019, Monday

Morning: meeting with activists at andrými social center

grapevine.is www.facebook.com www.facebook.com post-dreifing.is post-dreifing.bandcamp.com

At 13.00 going to the University of Iceland Gimli, IS-101, Reykjavík, Iceland RESERVED room Odds 101 booked 20th of May from

14.00 to 17.00

A) LECTURE PRESENTATION Prof. Kristín Loftsdóttir, Professor of Anthropology, University of Iceland, lecture, presentation: Crisis and Coloniality at Europe’s Margins: Creating Exotic Iceland. And etc.

The lecture is supported by Anna Wojtynska, the project manager for the Mobility and Transnational Iceland project and Kristín Loftsdóttir

B) 15.00 to 17.00 FOLLOWING:


Asma Aiad, on the anti-Muslim racism in Austria

Đejmi Hadrović, Zahida is Feminist

Sarah Raffaela Jackel and Aaron Kimmig, on artificial intelligence and dystopia

Dominik Aron Szereday on Rumania, citizenship and second grade citizens

Elisabeth Tawanda Taruvinga Mtasa, on racism in Austria

University of Iceland Elva Björt Stefánsdóttir a MA student will talk about her research on refugees in Iceland

BIO Prof. Kristín Loftsdóttir, Ph.D. Recently published:*Crisis and Coloniality at Europe’s Margins: Creating Exotic Iceland. 2019 Routledge.https://www.routledge.com/Crisis-and-Coloniality-at-Europes-Margins-Creating-Exotic-Iceland/Loftsdottir/p/book/9781138497603 *Messy Europe: Crisis, Race and nation-state in a Postcolonial World (ed. Kristín Loftsdóttir, Andrea L. Smith and Brigitte Hipfl) Berghahn Press. www.berghahnbooks.com www.berghahnjournals.com?

21.05.2019, Tuesday

departure to Keflavík International Airport: departure 15.35 > Vienna airport: arrival 21.55

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