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Wednesday, 18. March 2020

new protocol march 2020

Corona times March-April 2020

16.03 2020

Dr. Assimina Gouma
Dr. Assimina Gouma is a communication scientist, writes her dissertation at the University of Vienna and is a member of the research group “Critical Migration Research [KriMi]”. In addition to migration and media, her research focuses on transnationalism, critical journalism and the empirical methods of social science. Fields of expertise include migration and antiracism research, media sociology, gender research, empirical methods, action research. Works as an external lecturer at the Institute for German studies at the University of Vienna.
Date: 09/10/2019
Place: Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, Austria
Interviewer: Marina Gržinić, Šefik Tatlić
Filming: Valerija Zabret
Editing: Marina Gržinić, Valerija Zabret

17.03 2020 at 16.00
Topic: PCAP 1 meeting
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23.03 2020


Dr. Luzenir Caixeta
Dr. Luzenir Caixeta is one of the founding members of MAIZ (Autonomous Integration Center of and for Migrant Women in Linz) and the coordinator of maiz research and advice center. She is a philosopher and feminist theologian. She completed her doctorate in social ethics on “Migrant women in sex work.” At MAIZ she works in the fields of counseling and education for migrant women, and in research projects on the topic of migrant women’s work, among others. As a social scientist, she is also an active writer and works as an external lecturer at different universities.
Rubia Salgado
Rubia Salgado is one of the co-founders of MAIZ – Autonomous Center of and for Migrants, Linz. Salgado has a teaching degree (Portuguese and Literary Studies) that she obtained in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. She works as an external lecturer at universities and colleges. She works in research and development projects in the field of adult education for migrants, (German as a second language, literacy, cultural education) and in the education and training of teachers. She is presently active inside the association das kollektiv (www.das-kollektiv.at)
MAIZ, Linz, Austria (www.maiz.at) is an independent association of and for migrants with the aim to improve the living and working situation of migrants in Austria and to promote their political and cultural participation as well as to change their existing, unjust social conditions.
Date: 11/10/2019
Place: Das Kollektiv, Linz, Austria
Interviewer: Marina Gržinić
Filming: Valerija Zabret
Editing: Marina Gržinić, Valerija Zabret

24.03.2020 at 16.00
Topic: PCAP 2 meeting
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30.03 2020

Oliver Rathkolb is currently Professor and Chair of the Department for Contemporary History at the University of Vienna. He is author of several books focusing on contemporary history as well as editor and co-editor of several studies concerning interdisciplinary questions of contemporary history and communications/media history and the managing editor of the journal zeitgeschichte (Contemporary History). His prize-winning study “The Paradoxical Republic. Austria 1945-2005” was published by Berghahn Books (New York/Oxford) in 2010. He is the chairman of the advisory board of the “House of European History” (European Parliament, Brussels) and an elected member of the Senate of the University of Vienna.
Date: 10/10/2019
Place: University of Vienna, Austria
Interviewers: Marina Gržinić and Šefik Tatlić
Filming: Valerija Zabret
Editing: Marina Gržinić, Valerija Zabret

31.03 2020 at 16.00
Topic: PCAP 3 meeting
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Paul B. Preciado
On life after COVID-19

In parallel with

Rizvana Bradley A Gathering of Aporetic Form

April 2020

Easter Holdays
4.04 to 19.04 2020

Next to be announced 17.04 2020, for the 20.04 until 1.05 2020

dear all,
as announced on the class list, all those studying are on the list, we work on three lines

1 line:

Monday we watch works
Tuesday we talk through zoom, please install for free zoom on your computer, is easy i will send every Tuesday the link you access and we talk.
this 17.03 2020 went well
i will also as on the 17.03 be a short time at 17.30 on the Skype connection
zoom is better as it is provided through the academy

2 line:

we write a diary pcap in quarantine, google docs, it works from 16.03 all the data are pcap-class list

3 line:

we also have a separate activity with the b3 workshop those who signed are to take part

finally we use the pcap class list to exchange for all the details you are all who study on the list and you receive the data of general ifo at once

the B3 worskhop

B3 workshop Marina Grzinic with a guest artist ARYE WACHSMUTH


Assistant: Mika Maruyama
The workshop focuses on migrant politics of the Occident, the failed refugee politics of Austria, the EU, and Europe. LANGUAGES: English and German.

The outcome is to produce ten posters that will be part of the exhibition “Stories Of Traumatic Pasts” in Weltmuseum in Vienna. The exhibition “Stories Of Traumatic Pasts” with a Subtitle: Counter-Archives For Future Memories is an outcome of the research project “Genealogy of Amnesia.”


Atelierhaus, Lehargasse 8, 1060 Wien, 1OG Atelier Süd (M1)

when, the session is aprox 90 minutes…

March 23, 2020, Monday
At 17.00 (1 of 5)

March 30, 2020, Monday
At 17.00 (2 of 5)

March 31, 2020, Tuesday
At 14.05 (3 of 5)
Weltmuseum Wien (WMW)
Burgring 5, Vienna

April 27, 2020, Monday
At 17.00 (4 of 5)

April 28 Tuesday
At 17.00 (5 of 5)

SWSt: SoSe 2020

through zooom

Born 1962 in Hamburg, Germany, raised in Tel Aviv, Israel. Lives and works in Vienna, Austria.

Censorship and freedom of expression, Galerie Rudolf Leeb, Vienna / Galerija Forum, Zagreb /
MODERNA GALERIJA, Ljubljana (Group show and locations)
Retracing the Tears, installation at House of Austrian History, Vienna
VORVORGESTERN, curated by Franziska Lesák, Galerie Raum mit Licht, Vienna (Group show)
Notes on the Beginning of the Short 20th Century, Artist House, Tel Aviv (Group show)
Die 90er Jahre, 1. Aufzug – Ein Wiener Diwan, MUSA-Wien Museum, Vienna (Group show)
FUTURE UNDONE, Gruppenausstellung im AIL, curated by ecm, Vienna (Group show)
What Bird Has Done Yesterday, with Abigail Reynolds, Galerie Raum mit Licht, Vienna
Hotel Metropole, Der Erinnerung eine Zukunft geben, Into the City - Exhibition during Vienna’s
Festival Week (Group show)
Suppressed History and Contaminated Places, ROTOR, Graz (Group show)
Exhibitions in, Paris, London, Toronto, Istanbul, Linz, Bregenz, Stockholm, Los Angeles, Gdansk,
Dresden, Belgrade, New York, Berlin, Serralves, Wrocław…

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